Baking Sensation Creates Intricate Carvings On Flour-Covered Flatbreads And More, Making Them Too Good To Eat

Have you ever got awestruck merely by seeing intricate wood or stone carvings? Well, those carvings are nothing compared to what this baking artist does on her flour-covered creations. This North Carolina-based creative baker is Hannah, who’s known as Blondie and Rye on her Instagram page.

Such intricate and beautiful are Hannah’s etchings on the baked bread that her creations have won her an army of fans. On Instagram alone, she has a following of over 114,000 fans and counting! This is because she creates the most meticulously crafted crispy flour snacks that mesmerize the viewers with their intricate designs.

Hannah infuses a delightful variety in her creations. For example, one of her most colorful creations is a herby dough with emmer, rye, spelt with a touch of honey, topped with a garden of delights. Another eye-catching creation is a spelt and brown buttered flatbread with red onions, Castelvetrano olives, green bell peppers, provolone, cream cheese, and smoked paprika. Her creations run in hundreds!

And it’s not only the intricate bread carvings that attract people, but also the fruity adornment of Hannah’s more colorful varieties. For this she uses fruits and vegetables, most of them sourced from scraps. It’s not surprising that her flatbreads are works of art and are really too good to eat.

Hannah gets her encouragement from her admirers, who regularly send her encouraging posts on her Instagram page. Their love, appreciation, and encouragement keep her motivated and at her creative best.

blondieandrye: Instagram

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