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This Gifted Sculptor Creates Cute And Creepy Dolls That Are Unique

Cute has another name. It is called creepy cute! One look at the dolls of the creatures created by Anna, you’d know what we mean. Better known as Oso Polar, this Moscow-based Russian doll maker takes pleasure in creating the weird and the wonderful.

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This Amazing Artist Sets Realistic Dioramas That Depict Scenes From His Own Life

Remember playing with diminutive figures in your childhood? Well, Eddie Putera does just that; only he is 51 years old! Jokes apart, this Malaysian artist is an expert in depicting scenes from everyday life through his miniature figures and models. Combing miniature art with photography, Putera sets up some incredible real-life scenes. The most hard-to-believe […]

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This Amazing Photographer Is Creating A Buzz With His Toy Photography

Children usually outgrow their love for toys, when they achieve adulthood. But, not Mitchel Wu. Such is his love for toys that he chose to become a professional toy photographer. And thank God for that, since his awe-inspiring photographic creations, using toys, is entertaining one and all.


Man Realizes His Wife’s Dream Of Growing A Garden After Her Death

Shahjahan, the Mughal Emperor of India, built the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Such was his undying love that he expressed it by erecting this mammoth white marble monument.

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Artist Comes Up With A Unique Idea To Avenge Plagiarism By An Ice Cream Company

The bane of online writers and artists is plagiarism, where people unashamedly steal their ideas and material for their own ends without giving any compensation or credit to the original creators. Something like this happened to Adam Ellis, a cartoonist of repute, who boasts of over a million followers on Twitter.

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The Amazing Paper Typography Of This Unique Artist Will Leave You Spellbound

This graphic designer and illustrator from Mumbai, India, knows how to mesmerize with her paper typography. If your natural reaction is, “What the heck is paper typography?”, it is the art of crafting letters by hand, using paper.

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This Amazing English Artist Creates Incredible Creatures From Hubcaps

If you are thinking of discarding your car’s deformed and worn out hubcaps, don’t throw them away, instead present them to Ptolemy, a British sculptor, who is a whiz at creating works of art from recycled materials. Ptolemy, born and brought up in England, received a degree in art and design from Bradford and Illkley […]

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Surreal Art Prints Of This Visionary Illustrator Turn Internet Sensation

You must have seen thousands of art prints, but seeing prints based on surreal themes is something rare. Alfred Basha does that and how!


The Icing Artist’ Who Displays Amazing Baking And Icing Skills to Make You Drool

With her, you not only get the icing on the cake, but also some superb icing art to go with it! Meet Laurie Shannon, who is making waves on YouTube as ‘the icing artist’. Her tutorials on YouTube on baking and decorating cakes, cupcakes and other sugary treats has made her an internet sensation. According […]


This Amazing Artist Becomes A Social Media Sensation For His ‘Double-Faced’ Photo Serial

This conceptual artist, painter and photographer emulates Picasso and how! Whereas Picasso, one of the most important modern artists of the 20th century, displayed double-faced characters in his paintings, Sebastian Bieniek does this in his photographs.

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An Amazingly Imaginative Mom Posts Incredible Images On Instagram

Seeing the photographs composed by Vanessa Rivera, one can very well conclude that she is an imaginative arranger, since she arranges her subjects in the frame to transpose them into incredible works of art.