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This Italian Speedcuber Makes Rubik’s Cube Even More Challenging!

It is a given that anyone who was there in the era of Rubik’s Cube popularity has tried his or her hand at this frustrating, yet challenging puzzle with varying degrees of success. Today, for all intents and purposes, solving Rubik’s Cube is passé, even for the one who’s been a world record holder a […]

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This Book Lover Turns Books Into Works Of Art

What do you do with books? Read them, right? Not James Trevino. This 24-year-old also arranges them into elaborate colourful displays, snaps their pictures and posts them on his favourite social platform. He calls himself ‘bookstagrammer’ and his Instagram account boasts of over 130,000 followers. Trevino is popular because he is creative and has a […]


Lego Ad Campaign Using Lego Bricks Is Simply Mind Blowing

We always knew that Lego was not entirely for kids, adults, too, get attracted to it. However, what the leading international advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather’s Bangkok branch did was to take it to an entirely different level! It’s thanks to the agency’s senior art director, AsawinTejasakulsin, that the potential of Lego bricks was unleashed. […]

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World’s Tallest Man-Made Waterfall Cascades Down A High-Rise In China

“If city dwellers can’t go for sightseeing trips to waterfalls, bring waterfalls into the city for them to see and enjoy!” This must have been the thought behind this spectacular feat of constructing an artificial waterfall that hurtles down a high-rise building. This feat has not only catapulted Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou province […]

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Cosplay Expert Possesses The Skills To Turn Himself Into Any Character

Jonathan Stryker, an artist and a hobbyist, is a cosplay buff. If you are wondering what ‘cosplay’ is, it is a shortened version of ‘costume play’. In this the participants, called cosplayers, wear clothes and fashion accessories to imitate a specific, usually a popular, character. This term was introduced by a Japanese reporter when he […]

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Japanese Artists Uses Felted Wool To Create Amazingly Realistic Cat Portraits

You may have seen or heard about the trophy heads of wild animals, such as tigers, elephants, deer and the like that used to be embalmed and mounted on a shield as a display in the living rooms of colonial Britishers. These were real wild animals killed for their heads and much else. However, what […]

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Disneyland Paris Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary With Disney Sand Sculptures In Ostend, Belgium

You really have to hand it over to Disneyland Paris to celebrate its 25th Anniversary in a unique style. It is doing so by displaying sand sculptures sprawled on the Grande Plage of Ostend in Belgium. And the sculptures are not 10 or 15in number but an incredible 150 in all, sprawled across an area […]

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Beautiful Semi-Submerged Sculptural Installation Aims At Global Environmental Awareness

Aquariums and terrariums are common, but have you ever heard of Coralarium? Well, this is a new concept from Jason deCaires Taylor, a sculptor and an artist. He has meticulously put together this beautiful aquatic stainless-steel cube, he calls Coralarium, with a variety of sculptures adorning it and placed it off a large developed coral […]

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Word Traveller Creates Arts & Use It To Promote A Great Cause

The remarkable thing about art is that it has as many styles as there are artists! Everyone is unique in one way or the other. And so is the case with Anne Lovart, whose artistic prowess is a rage on the internet attracting over 100K+ followers on Instagram alone. Although Lovart is pretty good at […]

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Miniature Figures Of Superstars And Superheroes Are A Class Apart

If you are crazy about Hollywood movies and swoon over your favourite movie stars and comic superheroes, here’s a chance to own them! Well, not in flesh and blood but in the form of collectable miniature figures. These miniatures are being offered by DX Toys of Iron Studios and these have certainly made their presence […]

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These Miniature Animals Are Both Heart-Warming And Awe Inspiring

There is something really cute about miniatures. And this amazing artist makes cute, cuter by her incredible miniature sculpting of animals! Meet Kerri Pajutee, who currently resides in Central Oregon. Seeing her life-like animal miniatures, it is difficult to believe that she is a self-taught artist. She has developed her own technique of mixed media, […]