Deepak Mehla

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This Amazing Artist Creates Sacred Designs That Bridge Scientific And Spiritual Disciplines

Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, as you know, constitute the art and science of space arrangement and spatial geometry that bestow tranquility to the dwellers and positive vibes to the surroundings. But, here is a company, that goes by the name of Sacred Light Design Co., that uses Sacred Geometry’s symmetry and elegant designs to …

Chinese Television Presenter’s Age-Defying Feat Of Not Aging For 22 Years Leave Viewers In Awe

Humankind has been searching for the mythical elixir of youth from time immemorial, without any luck. But, it seems a particular woman from China has found it at last! The 44-year-old Yang Dan, has been presenting weather for China’s state broadcaster CCTV-1 for the past 22 years. What is astounding is there seems to be …

Using Googly Eyes On Inanimate Street Objects Makes This Amazing Visualizer An Internet Sensation

It requires a high level of visualization to make people smile, and that too, by adding just a pair of googly eyes to everyday objects we see outdoors. This trend, popularly known as ‘eyebombing’, was started in Scandinavia and is now being independently carried forward by Vanyu Krastev, a photographer, in Sofia, Bulgaria.