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Plant-Based Preparations Of This Culinary Expert Is A Boon For Vegans And The Health Conscious

In the current times of addictive junk foods and unhealthy products, Mei Yee’s plant-based preparations come as a great alternative. Her tempting creations are displayed on her website – These wholesome preparations include breakfast, main and side dishes, healthy desserts and beverages.

Danish Artist Creates Sculpture Of Hand Impressions On Clay As Memorial For His Departed Father

People mourn their dear departed ones in their own ways. However, Dan Stockholm, a Danish artist, mourned his father’s passing away in an entirely unique way. Immediately after his father’s passing in 2013, he went around his father’s home ‘methodically touching’ every inch of the house’s exterior for three straight days.

Helpful Dog Camera That Keeps Your Pet Safe By Real-Time Alerts And Cloud Recording

The name is Furbo Dog Camera and its claim is it notifies important dog-related events happening at home while you are away, in addition to general motion and sound alerts. This camera was produced after taking into consideration inputs from over 5,000 vets and professional dog trainers. Furbo differs from generic security cameras, as it …

Artist Provides A Pixilated View of The Berlin Wall Via Hand-Embroidery On Photographs To Let Viewers Peek On The Other Side

Depicting a former wall on actual site photographs with hand-embroidery is what makes Diane Meyer’s creations so interesting. Sample her series ‘Berlin’, where she has embroidered no less than 43 photographs. The hand-embroidery on the photographs follow the entire 104-mile (167-kilometers) of the Berlin Wall. In these, she overlays pedestrians, walls and forests with meticulous …