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Aussie Dog Guy Is On Mission To Save Every Dog On Planet

Meet Ryan Anderson of Australia who claims to be the “world’s biggest dog lover.’

It is said that a man’s best friend is a dog, but have you ever heard of a dog’s best friend being a man who is devoting his entire life to their cause? Meet Ryan Anderson of Australia who claims to be the “world’s biggest dog lover.’

Ryan Anderson/Instagram

This is no mere tall claim, Anderson lives up to it and how. He not only spends every single day with dogs as an animal welfare inspector with the RSPCA but in his free time strives to alleviate the sufferings of any dog he meets.

Ryan Anderson/Instagram

His love for dogs is intrinsic and that is probably what prompted him to volunteer for RSPCA. While talking to the Dodo, he explained, “I started out just volunteering on weekends with various rescue groups … now I also promote rescue dog events, fundraisers, adoptable animals through my social media as well as educational posts for promoting responsible dog ownership.”

Ryan Anderson/Instagram

When he embarked on his mission of “meeting all the dogs” with the aim of getting photographed with every dog breed in the world, he realized how much help the rescue community needed. His help to them turned from simply meeting the dogs to spreading compassion and awareness about rescue dogs.  

Ryan Anderson/Instagram

You can read how he met the various dogs in the world on his Instagram account, “Aussie Dog Guy”, where he identifies himself as “crazy dog lady man”, an apt description considering his zeal for the betterment of dogs. A peek into his Instagram account makes his eagerness to teach people about the importance of rescuing most apparent.

Ryan Anderson/Instagram

With such passion and dedication, it is no wonder that rescue animals have become Anderson’s life’s goal. By his own admission, he “… live and breathe dogs.”

Ryan Anderson/Instagram

Ryan Anderson/Instagram

Ryan Anderson/Instagram

Ryan Anderson/Instagram

Anderson’s aim of getting every rescue dog a forever home has been appreciated all round. This is one of the reasons that he owns only two animals – a dog and a cat. According to him, “The less dogs I own, the more I can foster ….”


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