Experience The World’s Best Trip On Norway’s Beautiful Atlantic Ocean Road

What can you say of a road in Norway, called the Atlantic Road, that has not only been named the Norwegian Construction of the Century but also hailed as the one providing the world’s best road trip? You’d certainly call it a must-visit. It’s not for nothing that this road is famous for the most beautiful journey in the world.

The 8.3-kilometer (5.2-mile) Atlantic Road was opened in 1989. This toll-free road joins the island of Averøy with the Norwegian mainland via a series of small islands connected by eight bridges. It winds through incredible landscapes of Hustadvika, a 10-nautical-mile long section of coastline, showcasing picturesque coasts, vast swathes of heaths and sheer rocks faces. It’s not surprising that it has been designated the National Tourist Route.

A few designated viewing points have been constructed on this road to park your car and enjoy foam-sprayed salty air and scenic view from atop a hillock. In 2005, this road was named the Norwegian Construction of the Century on the 100th anniversary of the dissolution of Norway’s union with Sweden.

Not only this, the British newspaper, The Guardian in 2006, even went to the extent of declaring it the world’s best road trip over other famous roads, such as those in the Himalayas and Australia. When the Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten, asked its readers in 2007 to vote for Norway’s most beautiful car journey, it not only figured among 11 selected alternatives but also declared the runner up, after the renowned tourist destination Trollstigen. The best part is both are located in Møre og Romsdal and can be visited on the trip to the Northwest.

In 2007, the Lonely Planet’s travel guide even declared it to be a perfect place for jilted lovers! According to this guide, if you’ve had a break-up, Hustadvika and the Atlantic Road is the best place to go to contemplate how you got dumped. Preferably in the autumn; the view, wind, waves, and cries of the gulls are the perfect medicine, whether you’re working through grief or recovering from being dumped!”

This impressive road is not only great for a drive but is also Norway’s best road for car testing. According to the British motoring show Fifth Gear, it was adjudged the world’s best place for testing cars. Little wonder, it’s being used by carmakers and also for filming advertisements. It’s also adjudged the best for a bicycle trip in a poll.

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Самая красивая дорога в мире — пожалуй, Атлантическая. Ещё с 1989 года это шоссе соединяет множество островков — с тех пор, как паромная переправа перестала справляться с растущим потоком транспорта. ⠀ Я постоянно сравниваю ее с «Лестницей в небо», о которой пели Led Zeppelin. В самой высокой точке дорогая резко сворачивает и с определённого ракурса кажется, что по ней и правда можно улететь в небо. ⠀ Некоторые называют дорогу «пьяной». Все из-за резких поворотов нависающего над водой серпантина. ⠀ @visitnorwayru @fjordnorway @visitnordfjord @visitgeirangerfjord @visitalesund #visitnorwayru #fjordnorway #visitnordfjord #visitgeirangerfjord #visitalesund #LandRover @landroverru

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