Astonishing artworks made with a stippling technique

Xavier Casalta is a 29-year-old artist from the South of France. He uses an extremely time-consuming technique called ‘stippling’ to create his artwork.

Xavier uses a technique called ‘stippling’, where a multitude of tiny ink dots are made in various patterns to create shadows, lines, and textures throughout the piece. The process takes thousands of hours to complete each piece and requires great patience from the artist himself along with steady hands so as not to make any mistakes whilst creating these incredible works of art.

Casalta currently works on several projects at one time because he wants to keep his clients happy by delivering them their artwork sooner than later but it has been challenging for him to find the time to complete his artwork.

His work is so intricate that it can take up to 450 Hours to complete just one piece! The time required to create each piece is why Casalta has decided to start working on several projects at once as opposed to one. It is also challenging for him to find the time to complete his artwork as he has been working on several pieces at the same time for the past months.

In order to achieve these results, Xavier uses a special kind of pen that enables him to draw with a very fine tip so that he can make millions of tiny dots on his paper without having to worry about smudging them or making any mistakes.

Which pen did Xavier Casalta use?

Casalta uses a stippling technique to create these fantastic hand-lettering artworks using Isograph 0.10mm pens.

Isographs are known for their high quality and smoothness of ink flow which allows artists to achieve fine details in their work.

Xavier Casalta is an artist who clearly has a passion for what he does. Whether it be his well-known Dot art or his more in-depth style of doing Dotwork, the time and dedication he puts into his artwork are outstanding given that double the time that some artists spend on their artwork would still take him years.

Xavier Casalta

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