A Master Artist Transforms Stones Into Vibrant Mandalas that Will Place You Under A Spell

Elspeth McLean is a master artist who transforms found ocean stones into mesmerizing mandalas (mandala with dots).

McLean uses her love of nature and mandalas to transform found rocks into works of art (mandala with dots) that are as beautiful as they are powerful. She has been creating these stunning pieces for almost 10 years and has won numerous awards for her work.

McLean’s passion for working with natural materials led her to start out as an artist’s assistant in a small gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia. After earning a degree in Fine Art, she was able to open her own gallery in Victoria, where she displayed her work alongside other talented artists.

Her process involves washing the stones in seawater, then drying them out over a few days. Once dry, she uses acrylic paints to paint on their surface to create mandala with dots.

Surprisingly Beautiful! Artist Turns Ocean Stones Into Mesmerizing Artwork

McLean started experimenting with painting on rocks after seeing how much fun it was for people at an art festival in Victoria, British Columbia. She’d seen similar work done at the same festival by another artist, so she decided to give it a try herself and was instantly hooked on the process itself as well as its artistic results.

We were enchanted by the variety of (mandala with dots) designs created from these stones. We’ve heard of rocks like these before, but never thought to paint them in this manner. It’s interesting how designers so often find new ways to look at everyday objects, and we can’t wait to see what Elspeth McLean creates next. We’re sure that she is just getting started when it comes to creating a dazzling mandala with dots art pieces out of the most unlikely materials.

Her skills with a paintbrush don’t go unnoticed, and they give her art a breathtaking look that will make you pause in awe. If you liked this, please be sure to share it with your friends and family so they could see it too.

Elspeth McLean

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