Artist Makes One-Of-A-Kind Carved Animals Walking Sticks That Are Simply Amazing

Mike Stinnett, began his career as a wildlife painter and a landscape artist. However, his focus soon shifted to woodcarving, and what caught his fancy? You guessed it – the walking stick! And he grew so passionate about it that carving them became his all-consuming passion and the main focus of his artistic expression.

Just for your information, the ordinary walking stick, made out of wood, became popular around the 17th or 18th centuries. It became an essential accessory of the European gentleman’s wardrobe. Although the walking stick was used primarily as an aid to walking and for self-defense, it soon began serving as a fashion accessory. Today, it exists in various shapes and designs.

Stinnett discovered he had a natural flair for woodcarving and he took it up in the right earnest and began producing carved walking sticks. And his was no standard carved walking stick, but one with detailed carvings of animals. Of course, his use of Stinnett Sticks’ tools helps him accomplish his intricate and incredible designs. So, thorough in his work that it takes him several weeks to complete just one walking stick!

This exceptional walking stick carver was born and raised in Eastern Oregon and nature was in his blood, what with the beautiful landscapes and abundant wildlife that surrounded him. So, it comes as no surprise that nature-inspired him, and this inspiration helped him express himself in carving walking sticks. You just need to look at his hand-carved snake walking sticks and others to know what pains he takes to make them so realistic and life-like.

Stinnett uses the faster-growing softwoods, like pine, to carve his walking sticks. He also uses some harder woods, that is easier to carve when still green, and afterward let them cure. For creating a good snake-wrapped walking stick, he needs a wood of three-inch diameter.

Stinnett has been painting nature on canvas for over 25 years and added his love for walking stick carving and serpentine stone sculptures to his list of amazing skills. It was only a matter of time that his beautifully carved walking sticks came to the notice of the public and everyone wanted to own one. He began offering his carved rattlesnake and other snakes walking sticks on his Etsy shop.

Stinnett has over 28,000 followers on his Facebook page. What’s more, his wife and daughter are also involved in crafting items that are available on Etsy’s @cottagemadegifts.

Mike Stinnett

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