Residency Granted To An AI Bot Created In The Image Of A 7-Year-Old Boy In Japan

We all knew that bots are making a breakthrough in the AI world, what with their almost human-like demeanour and actions. But, these bots would become so real-life as to be granted its own special residence certificate is something unbelievable. But, that is what recently happened in Tokyo Japan. Read on…

An AI character named Shibuya Mirai is designed in the image of a chatty seven-year-old boy. Mirai, meaning ‘future’ in Japanese, is deemed a first grader at an elementary school. In a statement to Microsoft, the developer of this AI character said, “His hobbies are taking pictures and observing people. And he loves talking with people…Please talk to him about anything.”

AI resident japan
This handout picture released on November 4, 2017 by Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward shows a special residence certificate. (AFP)

Incidentally, Mirai has been imbued with the ability to have text conversations with humans on Japan’s famous and widely used LINE messaging app. He not only has the ability to reply to messages but also to make light-hearted alternations to selfies he receives.

The AI character developer describes Mirai, thus, “His hobbies are taking pictures and observing people. And he loves talking with people… Please talk to him about anything.”

So, what was the point of granting him the residence of Tokyo’s district? Well, the aim of the grantees was to make the district’s local government more familiar to residents and make their opinions heard by the officials.

Whether this is a one-off initiative or this will become a trend only time will tell, but it certainly is a good beginning all the same.

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