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Presenting Food In Art Form Is What Art Of Plating Is All About

Don’t you get awestruck seeing glossy magazines full of gourmet foods in fine dining restaurants that are so beautifully presented? Although you may have had the best dishes in the world, it is the art of plating that makes a difference in the dining experience.

There is no denying that there is a certain charm in how the food is presented. The aesthetically presented food not only delights, but also prompts one to consume it in oh-so-propah fashion! The art of plating presents food as a form of high art that not only focuses on cooking but also on colour, form and texture of the food. All designed to evoke positive feelings for a great dining experience.

There is little doubt that the art of plating rings in the culture of modern haute cuisine. And its pioneers are the world-famous chefs. These culinary innovators are going all out to reach the pinnacle of artistry by presenting the best that their visualization and imagination permits. Little wonder the connoisseurs of food swear by their visually provocative and captivating plating art.

It is said that the first impression lasts and plating is not just about presentation, but also about how we view our food. From the first glimpse till the first bite, the plated food not only tantalizes the taste buds but also engages the senses of sight and smell. The art of plating comprises a delightful combination of uniqueness, beauty and surprise.

Chefs around the globe are innovating and creating visuals on the plate with exotic foods to make them look like framed masterpieces. These cooking experts not only exploit the natural attributes of a dish, that is, aroma and taste, but are also mindful of its texture, balance, colour, shape and what have you. It makes use of a combination of different coloured sauces, the sprinkling of seasonings, laying of herb leaves, and much else that beautifies the main course.

What makes art of plating even more exciting is the suspense. When you order a dish in an upmarket restaurant, you never know what form or shape it appears. Sample this, the suspenseful, super interactive plated moment is when you plunge your fork through a layer of toasted sunchoke to find your meal!

The art of plating ups the quotient of fine dining. It is the surprise element that attracts the well-heeled in droves for such amazing gastronomic experiences.Check some art of plating images below & conclude why presentation matters.

Image Via: TheArtOfPlating

Image Via: TheArtOfPlating

Image Via: TheArtOfPlating

Image Via: TheArtOfPlating

Image Via: TheArtOfPlating

Image Via: TheArtOfPlating

Image Via: TheArtOfPlating

Image Via: TheArtOfPlating

Image Via: TheArtOfPlating

Image Via: TheArtOfPlating

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