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This Amazing Artist Creates Sacred Designs That Bridge Scientific And Spiritual Disciplines

Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, as you know, constitute the art and science of space arrangement and spatial geometry that bestow tranquility to the dwellers and positive vibes to the surroundings. But, here is a company, that goes by the name of Sacred Light Design Co., that uses Sacred Geometry’s symmetry and elegant designs to impart serenity to the surroundings and calmness to the dwellers.

The man behind Sacred Light Design Co. is Ari Lazer, who believes environment should reflect one’s state of mind. He has created some remarkable designs that have unique healing and centering qualities. Whether it is your home, office, business or personal space, Lazer’s patterns and designs enliven them.

Lazer has been an avid follower of Sacred Geometry and has been teaching this art since 2009. Not only is he an artist of repute, he is also an educator and playwright.

Lazer takes his inspiration from the natural world and forms of nature. He says, “The most sacred thing we have is the natural world.” He unravels the underlying natural beauty of the natural forms and patterns to create beautiful custom works of art.

Ari Lazer The Artist

So, how does Lazer create such amazing designs? In addition to the traditional tools, he also uses modern technology, such as CNC laser that uses high powered laser beams to cut patterns in desired shapes and sizes.

But, Lazer has a soft corner for traditional tools, since he started out with the old traditional compass drawing. First, he would pen his drawing on paper and then, using sunlight and a magnifying glass, he would etch his designs onto wood. He would first begin by hand and then move on to the computer to provide finesse to his work.

Says he, “Staying true to the centuries old tradition is important to me; on a purely experiential level there is a real authenticity to carving these works in the way that has been passed down to us.” However, it is not only the drawing and etching that constitutes his work, according to him he also uses, “illumination, both physical in lamps and metaphorically, within the wisdom traditions held within each piece.”

Lazer enjoys an impressive following on the social media and his works get displayed in many festivals, such as the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Vancouver International Folk Festival and many more on the North American West Coast.

Lazer unique endeavor to bridge the spiritual and scientific disciplines by the medium of his art and design is making people sit up and take note.

Image Via: Ari Lazer/Instagram

Image Via: Ari Lazer/Instagram

Image Via: Ari Lazer/Instagram

Image Via: Ari Lazer/Instagram

Image Via: Ari Lazer/Instagram

Image Via: Ari Lazer/Instagram

Image Via: Ari Lazer/Instagram

Image Via: Ari Lazer/Instagram

Image Via: Ari Lazer/Instagram

Image Via: Ari Lazer/Instagram

Ari Lazer

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