Antipodes Map Helps Locate the Place where You will Emerge, if You Tunnel Straight Through the Earth

If you somehow manage to tunnel straight through the ground from your location, you will certainly emerge on the other side of the globe. But where? Here no guesses will work, but an Antipodes Map will. This map has been specially created to locate the other side of the world from any place on Earth.

You may be mistaken if you think you will emerge in China if your starting point is North America or most of Europe? With the great oceans covering 71 percent of our Earth, you will certainly come out into the ocean and not in China. The only places from where you can reach China are from parts of Argentina and Chile!

For this reason, the creator of Antipodes Map has calculated land-based antipodes for a majority of locations that ensure that you make it to dry land on the other side. The website, defines antipodes, thus, “The antipodes of any place on the Earth is the point on the Earth’s surface which is diametrically opposite to it. Two points that are antipodal to each other are connected by a straight line running through the center of the Earth.”

Left: Canterbury 8011, New Zealand | Right: 27773, Lugo, Spain

To find the geographical coordinates of an antipodal point, you will need to convert the latitude of the place to the opposite hemisphere, for example, 45-degree North will be 45-degree South. For finding the antipodes on the longitude of the place, subtract it from 180 degrees and the result you get will be the location on the opposite hemisphere. For example, 25-degree West will be 180-degree minus 25-degree = 155-degree East.

Using Antipodes Map is easy. All you need to do is to input the country, city, address, zip code, or geographical coordinates, press the Find button and the icon will dig down to emerge at the exact antipode of the place you have typed in. Or better still, just have a look at the list of the cities that are antipodes of each other.

So, have some fun with Antipodes Map – tunnel to the other side of the world!

Antipodes Map: Website 

Via: MyModernMet

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