Exceptional Use Of Light And Shade Makes The Illustrations Of This Artist Glow From Within

This guy is certainly fascinated by female faces, the reason why he creates such alluring female portraits. This man is none other than Angel Ganev, an amazing Bulgarian artist, who is receiving rave reviews on social media and also has a presence on YouTube.

Ganev is basically a sketcher and his preferred tool is a pencil with which he creates his perfect and beautiful portraits. He’s is also quite capable of using other drawing tools at his disposal, including art software.

Ganev’s expertise lies in creating an enchanting play of light and shade on the tender and young faces of women. Such is his use of shading and sense of colours that his paintings seem to take a life of their own and glow from within. These ‘glowing’ portraits, juxtaposed with the dark backgrounds, starkly stand out in all their ethereal glory.

The women subject that Ganev chooses are not confined to one race or class alone, but is a delightful mix of all kinds – from light-skinned to dark-skinned. Painting various skin types is probably the ultimate test of his sense of shade and colour. Wherever he uses live models to pose for his work, their resemblance in his illustrations is uncanny. He further improves them by accentuating the eyes to make them look bigger.

Ganev’s expert use of most suitable and alluring colours gives an overall warm feel to his creations. The portraits display a mood of their own that straightaway connects with the viewer. How Ganev creates this amazing work can be viewed on some of his instructive videos on YouTube.

Ganev’s unique style is what attracts people to view his work. It certainly comes as no surprise that he enjoys a fan following of over 200,000 on Instagram alone and many more on other social media platforms.

Angel Ganev

Instagram | Youtube

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