Woodcarver Creates Amazing Dwarf Figures From Fantasy And Mythology

Woodcarvers, who excel in figure carving, are found all over the world. They not only have different styles but also focus on different subjects. Vadim, a Russian woodcarver, is of a different genre altogether. His expertise lies in not only carving idols, but also figures of the northern gods, and fantasy and mythological characters. He holds special expertise in Churs woodcarving. He also undertakes custom woodcarvings on order.

What’s peculiar about his carved figures is they’re all small in size. Little wonder Vadim describes himself as the Dwarf Woodcarver on his Instagram page. He was always passionate about woodcarving from his younger days, but it was only three years back that his interest in woodcarving got reignited and he took up woodcarving in right earnest. Since then there has been no looking back.

Vadim’s carved figures have a unique appearance. His signature style is to carve big eyes in both his male and female figures. While almost all of his male figures sport beards and mustaches, female figures are always with headgears. One thing that hits the viewers right away is the intense expression of all his dwarf figures.

Vadim’s woodcarving tools include carving chisels, carving gouges, carving knives, and, of course, sandpapers and varnish. However, it’s his incredible imagination that gives his dwarf woodcarvings a life of its own.

Vadim is inspired by many things, such as fantasy books and the beautiful artwork seen on the internet. He beautifully translates the images he likes into the wood.

His woodcarving skill would’ve remained unknown had it not been for Instagram that gave him an opportunity to showcase his work. “I have been doing woodcarving for about three years. I was looking for a platform where I could show my work and came to Instagram” Vadim told AwesomeByte.

Vadim is open to take up work on commission. And, if he’s to be believed, he’d also like to relocate himself out of Russia. This is probably for better opportunities that are not available in his own country.

All the products made by Vadim are displayed on his Instagram page. He also sells his woodcarving figures on Pinterest. In a short time, his Instagram page has garnered almost 4,000 fans and counting.

Vadim, The Artist

Dwarf Woodcarver: Instagram

All Images are used with permission

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