Spray Painting Of This Artist Puts A Smile On Viewers’ Faces

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we had a job that made us happy? Well, Eden is one such guy who finds happiness in spray painting. And he’s no run-of-the-mill spray painter, but one of the best among the lot. Choosing this form of a painting may come as a surprise to most. However, he has his reasons.

For one, painting with spray cans saves one the hassle of handling brushes, paints, palettes, and the like. With a spray can, one just needs to pick it up and spray it on the canvas. For Eden, his canvas can be conventional ones or even gigantic ones, like the side of a van.

Although Eden’s first job was as a food factory worker in Mexico, it didn’t provide him much satisfaction, due to lack of any free time. It was also not adding to his happiness. He wanted an outlet for his creative soul to express itself. At this juncture, he found himself in a dilemma whether to continue in his job or follow his passion. In the end, passion won.

Eden took the plunge and started spray painting. He loved it because he could spray paint pretty much anywhere, at his pace and have fun too! It also provided him the opportunity to travel places and meet new people. His reward was putting a smile on people’s faces. Today, many of his spray painting videos on YouTube receive encouraging comments from discerning viewers. For him, this is true happiness.

On his sprayarteden.blogspot.com, Eden has a message for all those stuck in unhappy jobs. He says, “You should find a job that makes you happy because you’ll probably do it for the most time in your life. You’ve got to choose something that wakes you up every morning with a smile!”

Spray Art Eden: Youtube | Instagram | Facebook

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