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This Amazing Origami Artist Is A Rage On The Social Media For His Outstanding Origami Innovation

If the name White on Rice has got you wondering what it’s all about, you obviously are no fan of origami. Yes, origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding that thrills us to this day.

It is really wonderful to see that the art of origami continues to evolve, thanks to people like Ross Symons, a full-time origami artist and Instagrammer. This Cape Town resident of South Africa is credited with creating the brand White on Rice.

Symons project of creating origami stop-frame animations started out as a 365-day origami Instagram project in 2014. It soon became so popular that it grew into a full-time business for him. A gifted content creator, who prides himself on creating some of the most pleasing pieces of origami art, has created social media content and origami installations for his global clients.

Symons exceptional power of conceptualization in creating origami designs and installations, stop-motion animations and social media content for different brands has catapulted him to fame. In a mere year-and-a-half, he has garnered over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Of course, Symons’ is not a one-man show. He actively collaborates with other creatives and artists in sharing ideas and creating products. His primary field of expertise is creating social media content that he blends with video animations, still photography and actual origami installations. In other words, he forms a bridge between the digital content and the real world.

Symons, though having an exceptionally creative mind, did not take up this form of art from the very beginning. He started out as a website developer, trapped into a nine-to-five job. Although he was good at his job, he never found it fulfilling. He came to the conclusion that working for someone else is never going to make him happy and get him the freedom he so desired.

So, Symons, in addition to holding his job, started side projects. He got the greatest satisfaction in practising the traditional Japanese art of origami. He found himself obsessed with folding paper to create paper creatures of all kinds. With constant practice and by pushing his creative limits, he soon became adept at creating more intricate work.

Symons’ break came in 2014 when he ventured to share his work on his Instagram account, White on Rice. He made it a point to post a different origami figure on daily basis. His work got so popular that it started getting more and more hits. This popularity gave him the courage to quit his job and dedicate full time to origami. The rest, as they say, is history.

Ross Symons The Artist.

What sets his work apart from the traditional origami is his innovative approach to the art of paper folding. This has attracted a host of private clients, who commission him for origami installations, brand campaigns and stop-motion animations that he himself conceptualizes photographs and edits.

Little wonder Symons has created some of the most beautiful origami figures that range from tiny cranes and beetles to the camels and the pyramids of Egypt. In addition, he has created the brand logos for Nike, Adidas, Facebook, Gmail and Hello Pretty.

Image Via: White On Rice

Image Via: White On Rice

Image Via: White On Rice

Image Via: White On Rice

Image Via: White On Rice

Image Via: White On Rice

Image Via: White On Rice

Image Via: White On Rice

Image Via: White On Rice

Image Via: White On Rice

White On Rice

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