Irish Photographer Makes Waves on the Internet with Adorable Animal Selfies

There are many people in this world who love animals, but this Irish photographer is actually passionate about them. This has enabled Allan Dixon to make countless friends in the animal kingdom and his incredible selfies with all kinds of animals certainly prove it.

So close is Dixon to his animal friends that he has earned the sobriquet of ‘animal whisperer’ as also modern-day Mowgli from the Jungle Book! This is because he is an outstanding photographer and adventurer, who has created a unique niche for himself with incredible animal photography. He is often found taking perfect selfies with animals.

If you may recall, there was an ad for the ‘Best Job in the World’ competition in 2013, where one was supposed to spend six months in the Australian wilderness. Well, this 31-year-old bagged the job and $AUS 100,000 along with it. He spent six months as an Outback Adventurer in the Australian wilderness.

This exposure gave Dixon a chance to be up close and personal with animals and also gave him an opportunity to collaborate with tourism agencies and conservation groups across the world as an adventure content creator. Little wonder he became a leading artist, developing his perfect selfie angle skills with diverse animals. He explains the difficulty in taking selfies on, by saying it could take “anywhere between five minutes to three hours of being in the animal’s presence” to take the perfect selfie.

This native of Ireland is not only an expert in posing and getting perfect shots with animals, he is also devoted to their care and upkeep. According to him, his selfies with animals is all about respecting them and approaching them with caution and kindness. Allan Dixon’s animal selfies are popular on the internet and he has over 541,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Allan Dixon

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