Alan Waring Inspires Your Next Fine Art Decor With One-Of-A-Kind Ceramic Sculptures

If you like animals, then you’re going to love Alan Waring’s art. He makes sculptures that are both realistic and surrealistic. They have a humorous twist to them, and they can be both serious and lighthearted at the same time.

Alan Waring artist (b. 1967) is a Danish sculptor artist living and working in Denmark. With his love for nature and animals, Alan has during the past 20 years established himself as a successful artist with an emphasis on unique ceramic sculptures.

Continuing to explore and challenge the boundaries within his medium of choice, he has created one-of-a-kind ceramic sculptures that oscillate between a respectful naturalistic representation of the stoic animal form and relatable human elements. The combination of these two makes a complex almost surrealistic storytelling with a humorous twist.

His art originates from his fascination with animals which was established when he as a young boy traveled to Africa and experienced the wildlife unfolding in front of him.

Old masters have a way of making us feel like we’re looking at something for the first time. It’s like an important revelation or a reminder that our own lives are filled with things we take for granted.

But when it comes to artists and their work, there’s no such thing as “forgettable.” No matter how many times you’ve seen it before, there’s always something new to see in a piece of art.

That’s what makes Alan Waring so special. He makes art that comments on human actions and technology in contrast to animal wildlife and nature. But he does more than just comment on our culture—he shows us how we can change it.

You can find Alan Waring artist work at Gallery Oxholm in Copenhagen, Denmark, or The Boutique Gallery in Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium.

I appreciate his sculptures for the simple yet amusing way he transforms the animal into a figure that is thought-provoking and realistic. His art makes me think, it makes me laugh, it is what art should be.

Alan Waring’s art is executed with a skilled hand and his subject matter varies greatly in the visual stories they tell. The artist’s love of wildlife is obvious and comes across clearly in each work. In many instances, you can feel the raw power of the animals portrayed and it is hard not to be somewhat transfixed by the strong mental image created.

Alan has been making ceramics for more than 25 years, first at his parent’s farm in rural Denmark, and now from his studio. His ceramic art is beautifully crafted and fired to achieve a smooth balance of color, texture, and contour.

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