Adorn Your Space with Beautiful DIY Papercraft Lamps

One look at OWL paper lamps and the Japanese art of origami immediately comes to mind. However, these beautiful creations are not Japanese products, though inspired by origami. And its creators are Hugo and Teresa, based in Lisbon, Portugal.

The duo has endeavored to combine modeling with illumination to create original papercraft lamps. The lamps come in the form of DIY kits that need to be assembled. The kit includes a pre-cut model, an assembly guide, and a practice model.

High-quality 160g paper, infused with cotton, is used in the lamps that give good resistance and durability. The paper is available in a variety of colors. Of course, the brighter colors will let in more light than the darker tones. For this reason, paper lamps are more of night lights than reading lamps.

The table lamp kit includes a light fixture with an E14 light bulb socket and an electrical cord with a switch and plug. The wall lamp kit consists of a wall bracket light fixture. The ceiling lamp kit comes with a ceiling light fixture with an E27 light bulb socket and a meter-long electrical cable.

If you love papercraft activities and model building, assembling these lamps will be a joy; if not, it can prove a delightful challenge that is easily surmounted. Of course, more complex models may require more time in assembling.

Have a look at the wide variety of paper lamps on the duo’s website or Instagram page where they enjoy followership of over 20,000 fans. Do note that this is not a children’s craft activity.

OWL paperlamps

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