A Maui-raised Artist Explores Emotional Vulnerability And Self-discovery Through Oil Painting

Step into a world of beauty and emotion through the painted works of Austin Howlett. From portrait art to landscapes never seen before, explore Howlett’s impressive collection of vibrant artwork that is sure to captivate viewers everywhere.

Austin Howlett is an artist who was born and raised in Maui and now lives in New Mexico. His paintings explore emotional vulnerability and self-discovery. He is very much inspired by the inherent flaws found in humanity as a whole and in us as individuals and the small steps we can take to become better people.

He loves working as an artist because with every painting he feels as if he’s adding to a sort of imagined world in his head, and it allows him to connect with others through shared emotions and thoughts. Nothing brings him more joy than having a stranger really connect with a painting that he’s created and that painting allowing us to have an open and honest conversation about life. Creating imagery has always been the best way for him to communicate with others, so he feels honored to speak through his art as a career.

Browse a Vast Collection of Brilliant Paintings.

Amongst Howlett’s vast collection of paintings, you can find something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a piece to add the finishing touch to your living room, or if you want something calming and serene in your office, explore brilliant works ranging from majestic watercolors to explosive abstract art that is sure to make a statement anywhere it hangs.

Experience Unique Color Combinations in Each Piece.

Austin Howlett’s artwork is noted for its unique and captivating composition of colors. Howlett boldly experiments with uncommon color combinations that produce eye-catching results. From bold contrasts to intricate compositions, explore stunning pieces bursting with vibrant hues.

A Realistic Look Inside Artist Austin Howlett’s Mind

Austin has always loved the creative process of painting, and he’s excited that art is what influences him more than anything else in the world. He loves to create paintings that speak to who he is as a person and when people connect with those paintings he feels honored and blessed.

Austin’s creative and detailed work is heavily influenced by emotion, honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability. His paintings explore the beauty of humanity through its flaws and this is what he feels makes his work accessible to others.

Image Via: Austin Howlett/Instagram

Image Via: Austin Howlett/Instagram

Image Via: Austin Howlett/Instagram

Image Via: Austin Howlett/Instagram

Image Via: Austin Howlett/Instagram

Image Via: Austin Howlett/Instagram

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