This 8-Year-Old With Looks Of A Fairy Princess Rocks The Modeling World, Flooded With Offers

She’s got the looks and she’s only eight! Yes, modeling and advertising agencies have welcomed this “Siberian Snow White”, as she has been lovingly nicknamed. 

This 8-year-old model from Russia, called Nariyana, possesses such unique beauty that modeling agencies are competing with each other to sign her. The result, she is continuously being flooded with offers for advertisement and modeling assignments.

Her snow-white complexion, porcelain skin, and stunning face, crowned with striking pale blonde tresses, make her look as if she has emerged straight out of a fairytale book. The reason for her unique beauty is that she is an albino.

Image Courtesy: Vadim Rufov/Instagram

The native of Yakutia, Siberia, she is the only one in her large family to have been born an albino from both sides of the family. She is also the only one to sport blonde hair. 

Vadim Rufov, a photographer who has extensively covered the girl through photoshoots, contends, “She’s the most unusual person I’ve met.” That she is destined to become a model is a foregone conclusion.

Image Courtesy: Vadim Rufov/Instagram

But here’s the hitch. Her mom doesn’t want her to pursue a modeling career. Not right away, that is. She admits, “We have already got many offers from modeling and advertising agencies, but I don’t want her to work yet. When she grows up, she’ll choose who she wants to be for herself.”

Image Courtesy: Vadim Rufov/Instagram

Ask Nariyana what she wants to become and she has got a pretty good idea says her mother. She adds, “When I ask her now, she says she wants to be a model.” The girl displays an artistic bent of mind, as she loves to dance and draw.

Image Courtesy: Vadim Rufov/Instagram

Modeling or not, currently, the girl is enjoying all the attention that is being bestowed on her. It seems she is destined to enjoy the spotlight a wee bit more.


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