Month: December 2019

Artist Provides A Pixilated View of The Berlin Wall Via Hand-Embroidery On Photographs To Let Viewers Peek On The Other Side

Depicting a former wall on actual site photographs with hand-embroidery is what makes Diane Meyer’s creations so interesting. Sample her series ‘Berlin’, where she has embroidered no less than 43 photographs. The hand-embroidery on the photographs follow the entire 104-mile (167-kilometers) of the Berlin Wall. In these, she overlays pedestrians, walls and forests with meticulous …

Global Brands Vie For This ‘Visual Engineering’ Wizard For Print And Video Advertising

You can call Steve Giralt the pioneer of ‘visual engineering’ that integrates photography, video and modern imaging technologies. Evidently, this Cuban photographer is not your run-of-the-mill photographer, but someone who “loves to push the limits of technology and image-making to create cool visuals for clients across the globe”.

Five-Story Tokyo Olympic 2020 Main Stadium, With A Capacity Of 60,000, Is Built From Forest Wood Of 47 Japanese Prefectures That Were Destroyed In Tsunami In 2011

You will have to hand it over to the Japanese to be frugal, where resources are concerned. The catastrophe that besieged Japan in the form of tsunami and earthquakes in 2011, destroyed acres of forest in no less than its 47 prefectures. Not one to let such priceless natural resource go waste, the officials decided …