iPhone Does It Again By Bringing Out Its One-Of-A-Kind Christmas Charging Cord

With Christmas around the corner, decoration items have started appearing on the shelves of retail outlets and on websites, such as Amazon. And Christmas lights are by far the favorites of all. Christmas trees are decorated with it to light it up, sometimes all-round the year. Apple planned to add its own ‘light’ to the […]

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Fabrice Monteiro’s ‘The Prophecy’ Project Highlighting Ecological Crises Is Grabbing Eyeballs

Protests are being held the world over against ecological devastation caused by mindless littering and unabated pollution. Unfortunately, these protests do little to prick the conscience of the perpetrators, since they are not hard-hitting enough.


Winter Olympian Andri Ragettli, A Champion Freeskier, Is Also A Social Media Star

The bio of this outstanding freestyle skier reads ‘Freeskier and Social Media Star’. This is what Andri Ragettli, a Swiss freeskier, is famous for, both in the field of freeskiing and social media platforms.

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Bee Influencer Is First In The World To Raise Funds For Honeybee Preservation Using Delightful Bee Photos

In present times, when messages for social causes are being bombarded all the time by all means possible, it’s certainly difficult to make one’s message stand out from the clutter. It’s hats off to B. – yes, that’s what he likes to be called – to have taken up the cudgels for the preservation of […]

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Rogan Brown’s Microbiome Art Inspired by Scientific Illustrations and Models Looks Like a Kind of Fungal Growth or Bacterial Culture

Rogan Brown’s art looks like a kind of fungal growth or bacterial culture. If it does so, it’s not at all surprising. The likeness of his art to naturally organic forms is deliberate and is inspired by scientific illustrations and models. However, his extremely delicate and incredibly detailed relief sculptures are all made out of […]

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GHOSTKUBE – The Fascinating Interlocking Moving Blocks By Erik Åberg

Erik Åberg, a Swedish designer, is gaining popularity through his videos on the internet of what he calls GHOSTKUBE. He creates cuboidal sculptures out of plastic blocks that move. His genius lies in developing a system of interlocking cubes and making the move.

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Now You Can Get Your Favorite Sound Bytes Etched Onto Your Skin In The Form Of Soundwave Tattoo

Skin Motion, a company based in Los Angeles, California, has given a new dimension to the traditional art of tattooing by making them ‘store’ your favorite sound bytes. If this has got you confused, read on…

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This LEGO Artist Has Taken LEGO Creations To The Next Level

If you think LEGO is for kids and a passing fancy for adults, think again. Like all kids, Jonas Kramm also started out with LEGO bricks, but got so hooked to them that he didn’t let go of it even in adulthood! Such was his fascination for these amazing building bricks that his hobby became […]

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This Norway Based Architecture Firm Has Turned Many Dream Concepts into Reality

The expression ‘thinking out of the box’ fits Snøhetta like a ‘T’. This is because each and every architectural achievement of this Norwegian company is as beautiful as it’s diverse. Dealing mainly in architecture and landscape architecture, the company also undertakes interior designing, product designing, and graphic designing.

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Now You Can Buy The Art Of UK’s Anonymous Street Artist From His Online Store

Banksy, as you may recall, is an anonymous UK-based street artist, who has been enthralling the public with his art since the 1990s. His humorous and thought-provoking street art, seditious epigrams, and dark satire is what makes him unique. Such is the popularity of his trademark art that has an Instagram following of over 6.6 […]

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Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Center In Congo Provides Succor To Orphaned Primates

When war breaks out, it’s not only the humans, but animals too that suffer. So was the case in Congo. In the aftermath of the Congolese War, that raged from 1998 to 2004, there was rampant poaching of primates. It was then decided by the authorities to create a safe haven for orphaned primates and […]