Month: October 2019

Bee Influencer Is First In The World To Raise Funds For Honeybee Preservation Using Delightful Bee Photos

In present times, when messages for social causes are being bombarded all the time by all means possible, it’s certainly difficult to make one’s message stand out from the clutter. It’s hats off to B. – yes, that’s what he likes to be called – to have taken up the cudgels for the preservation of …

Rogan Brown’s Microbiome Art Inspired by Scientific Illustrations and Models Looks Like a Kind of Fungal Growth or Bacterial Culture

Rogan Brown’s art looks like a kind of fungal growth or bacterial culture. If it does so, it’s not at all surprising. The likeness of his art to naturally organic forms is deliberate and is inspired by scientific illustrations and models. However, his extremely delicate and incredibly detailed relief sculptures are all made out of …

This Norway Based Architecture Firm Has Turned Many Dream Concepts into Reality

The expression ‘thinking out of the box’ fits Snøhetta like a ‘T’. This is because each and every architectural achievement of this Norwegian company is as beautiful as it’s diverse. Dealing mainly in architecture and landscape architecture, the company also undertakes interior designing, product designing, and graphic designing.