Month: January 2019

This Super-Mom,Having A Finger In Every Pie, Admirably Balances Her Work And Family

This mom wears many hats. When she’s not creating art out of the litter found strewn around, she’s posing with her daughters wearing matching dresses, making faces and doing fun things together! And when she’s not doing these, she’s speaking at PI live or writing her blog, where she’s dubbed as ‘mommy influencer’.

This Car Wash In Florida Boasts Of Highest Quality Services Through Its Autistic Employees

If you know what autism is, you’ll certainly appreciate the plight of those suffering from this disorder. Autism comprises a broad range of conditions that affect social skills, nonverbal communication, and speech. Its hallmark signs appear at the age of two or three. Little wonder unemployment among them is almost 90 percent.

The Incredible Embroidery Pieces Of This Russian Artist Seem Like Oil On Canvas

The age-old art of embroidery has gone even more creative, as many embroidery artists introduce new styles and colors to it. However, Vera Shimunia, a Russian embroidery artist, not only uses the traditional simple line work but also uses threads of vibrant colors to create amazing brushstroke textures with blends of colors.

This Artist Aims To Sketch 69 UK Cities And Document The Process Through A Renowned Photographer

There are plenty of artists who start young and begin to sketch when they’re still toddlers. Carl Lavia was no different, he started sketching when he was only five. The only difference was his passion for sketching fictionalized cities that were the products of his fertile imagination. This architecturally-minded self-taught artist was aptly nicknamed ‘Sketch’.