The Amazing Pencil Art Of This 15-Year-Old Is Getting Noticed On The Social Media

Only identified as Sofia Artiste on Instagram, it is her pencil sketches, both in color and black & white, that sets this 15-year-old apart from the rest. Still in her teens, she dreams of becoming a professional artist, when she grows up.

However, one look at her works and it becomes evident that she probably has already realized her dream of becoming a professional artist! Such is the intricacy of her creations that it is difficult to believe that a mere teenager can accomplish it.

Sketching came naturally to Sofia since childhood. Her talent became evident the moment she learned to hold a pencil in her hand. As she grew up, she started getting increasingly passionate about it. Her works became known to the world, once she discovered social media and started uploading her sketches.

What is worth noting is that her sketches are not mere representations of what she observes, but each sketch tells a story of its own. Her expertise lies in reproducing facial expressions on paper that appear to emanate straight from her heart. Take for example her renderings of wrinkled faces that she has painstakingly created.

It is not only the faces that she likes to draw, but everything and anything that provokes her mind. It can be a crushed can of coke, paint oozing out of tubes, or even animals or food. In all her works, her distinct stamp is most apparent.

The instant fame that Sofia has garnered on the social media, such as Instagram and where she enjoys a following of almost 5,000 fans, has motivated her to take up more diverse subjects. As her followers grow, they excitedly await her next work to be uploaded on the social media.

Image Via: Sofia Artiste

Image Via: Sofia Artiste

Image Via: Sofia Artiste

Image Via: Sofia Artiste

Image Via: Sofia Artiste

Image Via: Sofia Artiste

Image Via: Sofia Artiste

Image Via: Sofia Artiste

Sofia Artiste


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