10 Exotic Animals That You May Not Have Seen Or Heard Of

Visiting a zoo is fun; you get to see animals and birds that are so rare and so exciting to watch. But, diversity of nature is something that you just cannot comprehend. There are some exotic animals out there that you may never have encountered even in images.

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#1 The snub-nosed monkey

This black and white monkey with a cute tuft of hair atop its head and its characteristic snub nose is a rare find. Found in the jungles of Myanmar, it was first discovered in 2010. Little wonder it has been declared one of the rarest primates in the world. Its unique trait is it sneezes when it rains!

#2 The Ili Pika

A native of China’s Tian Shan Mountains, it took 20 years to photograph this rare animal, lovingly called ‘magic rabbit’. The animal has white and gray fur and is quite fleet footed on rocky crags.

#3 Honduran white bats

The dirty black color of common bats is repulsive, but a pretty white variety exists in Central America. Instead of caves, these 1.5-inch long fruit-eating bat lodge themselves in tents made out of Heliconia leaves.

#4 The Nendo tube-nosed fruit bat

Discovered in 2009 in the forests of Papua New Guinea, this bat possesses two tubular extensions protruding from both the nostrils. It's unusually kind eyes may have been an inspiration behind the looks of Yoda, the Jedi Master of the Star Wars movies.

#5 The Amazon river dolphin

Dolphins are the friendliest sea mammals, but there is a species that are not friendly or can be held in captivity. What’s more, it turns pink as it gets older.

#6 The Albino Chinese softshell turtle

This small palm-sized turtle looks totally bleached. Its characteristic long neck and tube-like nostrils act as a snorkel for breathing underwater.

#7 The pink handfish

This fish has forearms that end in fins. Of the 14 species, nine are in danger of extinction.

#8 The Grimpoteuthis (aka Dumbo Octopus)

The two fins protruding from the side of its head makes this deep-sea animal look like Dumbo, the flying elephant of the popular animated film.

#9 The Cherax Pulcher

As far as crabs go, this one is the most colorful of all. This crab in pleasing hues was discovered in Indonesia in 2016.

#10 The Pinocchio frog

The long nose on this creature, also known as spike-nosed tree frog, is meant especially to indicate danger and attract female. It does so by extending its elongated, Pinocchio-like nose upwards.

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